Hey everybody,

Itís a me, Mobi, and Iím super excited to be back in action and help out with the Trion games. If you didnít already know, previously I had been at Trion Worlds for 3 years, specifically on Atlas Reactor, Defiance, and the Creator program. Last year before Trion Worlds got acquired by gamigo, I began working at a startup for a board game console (PlayTable, which is still awesome btw). I am a big fan of board games, D&D, and video games of all kinds.

Thereís lots of changes Iím getting caught up on and Iím excited for whatís to come in the future. I hear itís been a bit of a rollercoaster over the past year and just want to say we appreciate you all for playing the games we love! Keep in mind that fixing bugs and getting the servers stable are always on our mind as we look to improve upon our games. We have amazing games with a lot of history behind them, Iíll be looking for your feedback to build a better experience for everyone.

As always, I love supporting content creators, artists, and fans of our games, so feel free to share your own content or some of your favorites! Iíll be sharing your feedback with our team and looking for ways to grow our community. Iíd love to engage with players again and work with influencers, stay tuned for whatís to come!

Good luck have fun,