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Thread: Crafting keeps getting interupted

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    Crafting keeps getting interupted

    Today i encountered a bug that kept causing my crafting to stop when trying to afk produce many items ( in my case fine lunarite). I selected max QNT of 999 and it stopped every time, sometimes after 1 craft, sometimes after 5 or few higher.

    Steps to reproduce:
    I restarted PC and the game several times, i cleaned my mouse buttons and keyboard so nothing could be wrong from there and it keeps doing this.

    All the time

    5 major. i was even thinking about leaving the game all togehter

    System specs:

    intel i5-4690k
    16gb ram
    nvidia gtx 1050ti
    64bit windows 10
    wired ethernet
    game on ssd
    DOWNLOAD Mbps 94.35
    UPLOAD Mbps 30.76

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    Do you use buffs that decrease your crafting time? I once buffed up too much and my crafting time was faster than the global cooldown, which interupted the crafting and it stopped.
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    Yes as a matter of fact i used my a buff from the store, forgat what it was called though. That might be the cause ill check it now

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