Ezi is since the fuse of AH the new "prey" for gold farming companies. An area like the starting haranya is now filled with stone miner bots. Worser is in Wildscour savannah, around the traders close to the lake. I counted 48 raised farms in the area, all build by the same guild of DWARVES there, and they add daily new raised cottages. There's also in a couple of days more than 40 improved pavillions set up, holding royal trees probably to provide enough lumber to build the raised cottages. Can some game manager go there and check it out? It's in a housing area in windscour, so the only way to "kill" is during war period there, and off course the dwarves don't show up at that time.

My suggestion? Hire a game manager that goes in game controlling that stuff and other things. Make archeage great again (in game game master control was always non existent even with Trino)