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    Is anything being done against too much land being taken by players with 3 accounts?

    For example - I sell lands to my alts and they have so much offline labor regen that tax certs are easy, for 1 alt in a week you can earn so much Tax certs to own 5 pieces of good land (I think).
    I'd either limit every account to owning 3 lands maximum or intergrate a system where you're only allowed to craft Tax certs when you complete at least 5 daily achievements to help make it awkard I guess.

    Please don't say XL games won't back you on things like this either, this is important.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeavyAugmented View Post

    I've got some questions:

    1) I've heard there will be 2 servers at each region. But will there be additional servers if first 2 become overcrowded (queues of 1000+ people) ?
    2) How many characters can i create per account on AAU ?
    Per information from the dev streams:

    1. It's been mentioned that they will keep a close eye on populations. They will open more servers if required. They mentioned they would put faction locks on servers where the populations end up unbalanced, and they will also instill the 15-min AFK kick timer if queues end up long.
    2. AA:U starts with 2 charater slots with the ability to get more through other means (those means weren't listed).

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