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    Dear Gamigo as we know a lot of old players who drop out from ArcheAge because of p2w model lead by Trion Worlds in older game version's are now looking closely at this new ArcheAge: Unchained release. Those old players that played old version of ArcheAge which is nowere to be seen right now after so many changes and patches are my bigest question. How are you planing to sell it to US - old players who has scar on heart after old publisher the new ArcheAge. There are not many old game systems left that we fallen in love with. People who done or trying to do some information lessons after years of non playing already know that for example - Trade Pack System is super shrunk and restricted, comphare to vast option it was before (1 continent tradepack npc on each continent - dont know what to say ). We all know right now that ArcheAge: Unchained is a game with the lastest updates and we know that's not a WoW Clasic which brings all good old days to players. So the question is - how or do You even trying to give us some nostalgia in fair start or just new, fresh ArcheAge: Unchained with new model which gives a lot of advantage to currently playing players on legacy servers?

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    I have a question about Expansion scrolls, Wagon upgrade tickets that are currently available only in cash shop on Legacy. What is the plan for AAU?
    How are they going to be obtained in AAU? Diligence tokens? General merchants? Gilda stars?

    I know building management title exist in the Vocation shop atm. What is the plan for that too?

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    A word about your server infrastructure plans / plans to fix the current server mess / latency issues?

    It'd be great to hear from the team about what is being done in preparation for Unchained as the current issues leave a lot of doubt.

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    Lunagems Glow

    Any chances to bring back the option to remove lunagems glow ONLY? Still want the other weapons vfx, just to remove the ugly honor lunagems glow. This used to be a thing like a year ago, I don't know why it was removed.

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    You will be creating 2 servers per region.
    Can you enforce different rules on those different servers? One of the servers will enforce the 3 account rule. The other server will enforce the 1 account rule.
    That way people can play with others that progress at the same speed as them without being forced to use alts. This will create better gameplay experience for everyone.

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    Before the release date you will have access to create your character in preparation for when the world of ArcheAge: Unchained goes live!
    Any date yet for this ?

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    Will you all consider giving us all the items (as they are) from the Korean version? All costumes, mounts, equipment, etc..?

    What about costumes that are no longer available, will any of those make a return for us to purchase on the AA:U servers?

    Please let us buy everything, don't censor the game any further!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Avarina View Post
    Any date yet for this ?
    I don't think there is one yet.
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    I have a couple questions:

    1) Will there be gear to help adjust labor caps? Or will labor potions and options be available in the shop?
    2) Will there be a pre-download day for the ones who live on a micky mouse connection? Please.

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    Don't know if it's been asked, but are there any plans to let original founders(founders pack buyers when game went live) to be given the equivalent new packs?
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