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    [COMPLETE] Archeage NA Maintenance - 5AM PDT - August 21

    UPDATED 8-21 – The platform maintenance has been delayed by 2 hours.
    During the platform maintenance we will bring the servers offline starting now at 5AM PDT to ensure that there are no issues during the platform maitenance. Due to the delay of the platform maintenance we will start the weekly maintenace earlier and start it right after the platform maintenance is done.

    We updated the information in the original post!

    Hello everyone,

    We will be taking down the Archeage NA servers for maintenance on August 21, 2019 at 5AM PDT.
    This downtime is estimated to take approximately 4 hours.
    The downtime includes an additional platform maintenance, which you can find details on here.

    The size of the patch will be approximately 81mb.

    Changes this Patch:
    • River Festival Coins can be converted to the Rum Runner Token 2019
    • Players with the Captain's Protection will no longer stand up when a player uses an AoE skill on the Cargo Ship

    Thank you,
    ~The ArcheAge Team

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    Kinda bs to change last minute without much notice. Didn't know I'd have to wake up early if I wanted to get in my labor sleep. So now I'm out labor again.
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    A little late

    Changing the tokens now is a bit redundant since the event is over and we got rid of our old tokens thinking they where worthless now.. thanks a lot...

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    How can we plan to get our stuff done when you change the down times some of us have jobs to go to. So normally have to get up early to make sure we get our loyalty for the day now i wont even get my login

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    Are there other changes that will be happening? Or is this all just for 1 coin?
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    So when is it gonna be up again?

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    Good news everyone, servers are coming back online now! Please try to log in to play and if you run into any issues connecting let us know. Thanks for your patience and enjoy!

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    PTS may need a restart. Apparently people still cannot connect to it.

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