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Thread: Larceny and fishing 230k are worth it?

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    Larceny and fishing 230k are worth it?

    Hi everyone,

    about "Making gold", which one is the best proficiency?
    Do you suggest to do another proficiency to make golds? If so, why?

    I'm thinking about going back on Archeage: Unchained
    and i wanna be prepared.

    Thank you for the answers

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    Larceny has become a 'must-have' because opening hiram infusions to gear up and opening ancestral crates to get temper takes a huge amount of lp.
    We are talking about values between 285k labor points (230k larceny) and 476k labor points (0 larceny) for a full mythic t4 hiram set if you only open the best infusions - it'll be way more if you also open lower infusions.

    So larceny isn't necessary because it nets you good gold, but because you need the proficiency anyway.

    To be honest it is hard to tell which is the best proficiency in the beginning of a server because it also changes over time as the server develops. You might earn an insane amount of gold by simply crafting basic materials - it all depends on the way the other players behave. I'd assume that mining might be quiet good in the beginning, because it takes a huge amount of metals to get better gems.
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