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    Seems im going to miss resets due to bed time. meh whole day a bust. oh well got some netflix in

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    half hour till reset

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    X reset raid!!!!!

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    Hello again everyone,
    The team continues to work on the server relocation. Unfortunately, there is an issue with the new data center that we are moving to that is outside of our control. This won't affect the game long term, but it is causing further delays. We currently have no ETA on when the relocation will be completed.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lunacy182 View Post
    It’s good to see children still play this game.
    Wait, kids are playing this game, but the rating is Pegi-16. I thought that meant only consenting adults were allowed to play.

    (okay, I'm just being sarcastic, nothing serious meant with my comment to this quote.)

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    Mind blownnnnnnnnn

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    Speaking of, one perk of this "extraordinary" maintenance is that there will be no shortage of late reset raids. I usually run one 3 hours after reset on Aria, looks like this time I might actually be able to join one of the main ones and relax a bit!

    "You are who you make yourself" - Unknown

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    I have a feeling UPS didn't pull through for them like they expected.

    Due to a high-jacking by disgruntled employees who previously were employed with Trion before being fired (without compensation packages), our downtime will continue at be unavailable for the time being. Due to technical difficulties with UPS meeting our deadline, we decided to transport the servers ourselves. Unfortunately we will be resorting to restoring our servers from a backup copy we made 3 months ago. Compensation packages will our top priority!

    This rare scene was caught by a overly concerned patron player that had been following the vehicle, in order to get first hand info on the new location to assess how the ping times was going to affect their game play.

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    And, the workers go home now...

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