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    [COMPLETE] Extraordinary NA Maintenance - 2 AM PDT - August 27

    1Hey everyone,

    We're bringing ArcheAge NA servers offline for maintenance at 2 AM PDT on Tuesday, August 27.

    This maintenance will take approximately 12 hours.

    This downtime is for the physical relocation of server hardware and requires extended maintenance.
    Due to this extended maintenance period, compensation will be provided. The items will include:
    • 1-Day Patron
    • 20 Gift Coins

    Thank you for your patience
    ~The ArcheAge Team

    [27 August - 8am PDT]: The team is moving forward with the server relocation and everything is going well so far!
    [27 August - 12:03pm PDT]: Maintenance has been extended without an ETA.
    [27 August - 2:41pm PDT]: Still no ETA, but the team is still working on the server relocation.
    [27 August - 4:30pm PDT]: Unfortunately, there is an issue with the new data center that we are moving to that is outside of our control. This won't affect the game long term, but it is causing further delays. We currently have no ETA on when the relocation will be completed.
    [27 August - 10:00pm PDT]: We've continued to make progress on the relocation and have taken care of some of the issues, but there is still a large number of tasks that still have to be handled. Currently, we are looking at not having the North American servers online until later in the day on 8/28. As we get closer to completing these tasks, we'll be able to provide a more specific time. Additionally, as the maintenance has taken longer than planned, we will be updating the compensation package, with details to come on that.
    [28 August - 06:50am PDT]: Our team is still working on the relocation, but there've been some unexpected issues. These issues won't affect the game, but unfortunately, this means we will have more delays. We're sorry we can't provide an ETA for now but will keep you updated. We're very sorry about the inconvenience.
    [28 August - 10:47am PDT]: The team is still at work without an ETA. More information should be coming soon regarding the maintenance. Compensation will be adjusted to suit the downtime more appropriately.
    [28 August - 8:25pm PDT]: The team has made significant progress and are continuing to work on bringing the NA servers online in the new data center. There are still some hurdles that need to be cleared, but we are working through those at this time. Unfortunately, I don't have en ETA yet. We'll be back with another update in 2 hours.

    [UPDATE - 8/29/19 12AM PDT] The NA Servers are open once again! We appreciate everyone's patience during this extended maintenance. The compensation pack above will be adjusted to reflect the extended nature of the downtime, and once it is confirmed we will update this thread.

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    "Extraordinary NA Maintenance" Does that mean it is going better than expected?

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    How about also telling us where you are moving the server hardware to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VikingThePirate View Post
    How about also telling us where you are moving the server hardware to?
    Who are you?? They don't have to tell you or anyone else. They just need to get it done.

    Weasels Of War

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    Quote Originally Posted by tocools View Post
    Who are you?? They don't have to tell you or anyone else. They just need to get it done.
    @Tinen we need PTS reset characters are not deleting and cash shop purchase not available to us market still outdated ty Phoenixx of PTS

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    i hope it is not cloud based as eu went through months of pain before the reverted back to physical servers

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    Wow! 12 hour! Time to go back to BlackDesert! See you in 10 hours folks! :P

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    still not open yet. what the hell are u doing there?

    1 day patron and 20 coin.

    i do not think it is not enough.

    hurry up guys. that is not good. really no good.

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    I feel like every maintenance gets delayed by a few hours longer than they say. Anyone else feel the same?

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    it would of been nice to get my daily calendar click done.. for logging in for a whole month. but nvm i guess, i went to log in at 700PM my time, DURING SERVER RESET. and found it OFFLINE. i now must be in bed for work, at it is 900PM, so i guess when i get off work tomorrow i can try.

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