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    Anyone else seeing this for an ETA?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zanlac View Post
    you know what would be refreshing is told "hey guys and gals servers will not be up for x amount of time even if we finish early we will open it up til X so then at least folks wont be sitting refreshing the glyph every 2 mins thinking they will get the jump on everyone else
    Get the jump on everyone in what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ripside View Post
    Anyone else seeing this for an ETA?

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    Good photoshop. I had to check if that was real.

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    gold crate bosses etc

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    I feel like every maintenance gets delayed by a few hours longer than they say. Anyone else feel the same?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzbaby View Post
    chicago, they are moving to chicago...probably stuck in traffic
    Chicago is the "Windy City" and to make matters worse, it was raining (cats & dogs, if I'm not mistaken).. all the umbrellas whipped up in frenzy, everything blew away, stopped traffic for miles and miles!
    "We build too many walls, and not enough bridges." -- Isaac Newton

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    Maybe the servers were "unchained" in the truck and somebody stole them.

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    Can we get some kind of update? We're now almost four and half hours past... and almost 2 and half since the last update

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    i have no ETA on when I will swipe again....since you have no ETA if the servers will ever get back up. Who planned this debacle? maybe Gamigo should hire real talent. Im avaliable for just $150k/yr and will relocate...js

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ambrai View Post
    Honestly, reading these forums, all that I have seen were grumbling children. It's a game, not your life. If it is your life, then you need to go get some sun and change the way you live, cause it's not healthy. Unless you're making $100k a year off this game. (I'd be mad too.) I would be willing to bet $$$ NONE of you complaining are making 100k a year off this game.
    Grow up.
    They offer compensation, but they aren't required to give anyone jack-spit.
    If you think this is bad, you must be new to MMOs. I've played games where maintenances were sometimes 2 months long to fix a single bug with an NPC, or a mispelled NPC name. With NOTHING as compensation and NO updates about what was happening.

    Ya'll are entitled.

    Get off their backs and let them work or it'll be that much longer cause they gotta reply to dumb kids that are throwing a fit because they couldn't occupy their time after school.

    Step 1: Cry a river.
    Step 2: Build a bridge.
    Step3: Get over it.
    wtf ?!?! 2 months for single maitenance ? good game...
    this is online service. these days it should be up 24/7

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