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    in 6/7hrs it will be 24hrs since servers went down >.< this is total ………….

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larannas View Post
    Have you not heard of Patron? The cash shop? Credits? They quite literally do ask you to spend money, because money is how the world works. If you think AA could run if people didn't spend money, you need to go back and study economics. Games shut down because people quit paying, then quit playing. AA, BDO, EVE, all have had issues with DDoS and other forms of cyberattacks, but they've not shut down yet. In fact, some publishers publish those attacks to gain publicity, and therefore, more players/customers.

    Also, please point out where my analogy was flawed. If you buy Patron, you expect to get Patron. If you buy credits, you expect to get credits. They recently had an issue where people weren't getting credits from APEX, and they shut down the MP because of it, in addition to in-game messages warning players to not open them. Because people want to get what they pay for. If we pay for a game, do we not expect to get the game as a direct effect? So please, tell me more about your experience of paying for something and then being perfectly fine not getting it.
    Things in MMOs that require $ are for your leisure. Not requirements. It's a choice. Games are recreational for consumer entertainment. The game is free to play, hence they did not ask anybody to spend money "literally". You're full of it. If this were unchained, then you would make a bit more sense even if by a little.

    My experience of paying for something and not getting it? I have plenty. Money comes and goes. It is what it is. Greed doesn't consume nor does it drive me.
    Additionally, my post was a statement not an argument. So, I'll leave you with this. I've better things to do and no reason to prove myself to anybody for any reason. You started this, I'm ending it here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piratezombi3 View Post
    I am not surprised by this. There are always delays when it comes to this game. It would be nice to have a more effective notice about events like this in the future though. Give us a little warning so people can prepay their taxes, turn in their packs, plan to do something else with their time. I am sure many people can plan their week accordingly if they have the time to do so. A lot of the issue in the forums seem to be their schedule's being messed up, and then not having another activity available to them. I am curious as to when we will be able to log back in though.
    You do realize that this thread was started 3 days ago.?.?.? I had plenty of time to prepare.

    Started by Carendash‎, 08-24-2019 12:07 AM

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    Gamigo is a German based company if I recall, their local time atm is 4-5am right now? Its possible we may not get a answer/update until their business hours? Possibly 3-4 hour or more from now...
    The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all

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    they could offer a choice between a free copy of the new version of archeage coming this fall or a moderately priced pack :P (as compensation)

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    it would of been nice to get my daily calendar click done.. for logging in for a whole month. but nvm i guess, i went to log in at 700PM my time, DURING SERVER RESET. and found it OFFLINE. i now must be in bed for work, at it is 900PM, so i guess when i get off work tomorrow i can try.

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    anyone else having flashbacks....

    to EU server complete utter screwup .... when it went to the clouds? RIP us. they broke it aa AGAIN

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    Carendash..really update please? Anything?

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    Anything at all?

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    clouds be damned...

    they really moving the servers to MARS

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