Ever sweat out a demo hoping the guy will pay you? I have, and I'm here to help.

I offer brokerage services for land owners wanting to sell off the books (demolition). For a commission paid for by the seller, I will act as the middle man for the transaction, safeguarding the gold in escrow until after the demolition and claim of the property. No one gets scammed.

I have been playing the game for 18 months. I've never cheated, scammed, exploited or even purpled anyone. I've never been to prison nor have accumulated any infamy points. I even offer to return packs to those who lost them in the game. I'm the most honest person you'll meet and cringe when I see people get scammed. I enjoy the game and I'm available to help prevent the worst experience you'll have; someone scamming you for a game-changing sum.

You can contact me here or in the game on Kadum (same character name). I'm on most nights and weekends. I charge a 3% commission for each transaction and it is negotiable for extremely large transactions.

In my experience, most people you'll meet in the game (and in life) are honest. But why take that chance with months worth of hard earned gold or property? Let me help.