Are you ready to take the challenge? ArcheAge is celebrating its 5th anniversary very soon! Feel free to take part in a special event in Mirage Isle starting 28th of August until the 18th of September. You'll notice a very excited kid standing close to Sopere, the contest coin collector, will provide you a quest for the Event. Have you ever wanted to fly high and defy gravity? With the Glider Boots you'll have the chance!

In this platforming adventure, you'll have to reach the top of all platforms. Can you take the challenge and get to the top by jumping with the Glider Boots from platform to platform! As always you'll receive coins you can exchange for a new Title, Bound Serendipity Stone, Bound Radiant Runescribe Quill and much more! Prove yourself worthy to be known as a 'Luminary of Erenor'.

The event will end on the following time:
EU: September 18th at 2AM UTC
NA: September 18th at 12AM PDT