I love the idea of the new Unchained business model. Definitely I will be playing there, However, Legacy servers are the place where I spend 3 years or more of my time ( i know some people spend a lot more) I wish the team reconsider adding a separate legacy server in Unchained slowly in the future, where is only accessible for people who had accounts in legacy AA. This way slowly we can combine the player base in one game, now it feels like we are getting split.
My idea is to make the new servers and 1-2 legacy servers for people from old AA for founders that are old in original AA should get a new package for their support. I am fine with paying 25 bucks for a game again if I have the chance to move my legacy character onto Unchained (legacy server)
It can be implemented the 3 account system also for the legacy servers, I usually play with 2 accounts, so I am fine for paying both.
Because if Unchained manages to stay true to its promise a lot of players will come back and people will move, legacy servers will become slowly barren. I don't want to lose a character with a lot of progress.