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Thread: Archeage: Unchained - "3 accounts per person"?

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    Archeage: Unchained - "3 accounts per person"?

    In the official discord we were told that their standing will be a limited 3 accounts per person. Which sounds great. Only issue with that is they clarified this during the livestream with the reason why they are doing 3 accounts per person is because of multiple player households... Now read that again.

    For starters how is it any fair to a multi-player household to be virtually punished. A single player in a household can have 3 accounts while say me and my wife are limited to a main account each and a third account for an alt to share. Now what if there are 4 players in a household... will they be banned on the spot for suspicion of it being 1 person with 4 accounts? This is not an uncommon thing since there are streaming houses and families that play the same games together. Couple years ago I had 3 roomates myself and we all played Archeage. If this proposed system was in place then we would all be banned for no reason.

    I am sure that people will view this post as "whining" or "complaining" and "alts shouldn't be a thing" but now we are punishing players who live together because people were "whining" over the alts in the first place.

    Please rethink your solution...

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    Same houshold was/is the bad excuse to do nothing against p2w in AA or in AAU. Its only a weak example to justify broken bugged system.
    The core of that topic was before this example. Friends&family missed in the original story. That examples were only little colored fairy tales later .

    "you can have up to 3 alt accounts. Anything over that will be reviewed for disciplinary action and so we will strongly enforce that policy..."

    And don't dodge! Same household, family, friends, your swarm, others in your mom's basement is IRRELEVANT. You SHARE resources. This is the keypoint. You try to cheat with "Limited resources". Same player will use multiple accounts. More labors, more lands, more loyalty points, more blue salt bonds, honor reward... If your wife, daughter, puppy and your spiders want to play just do it! Nobody cares. If you use "shared bank" you can use 3 accounts. If your "family" want to play in same IP don't use alts! If your "system" use more than 3 accounts that is risk for all accounts.

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    As long as you're both online actively playing the game you won't be banned.
    YOU cannot log onto your alt while also being logged into your main account; however if your wife wants to get on the alt and do some housing stuff, cool!
    EX: But if your account is reviewed and they see you shoot a mob in WHM then pause, and your alt that finished crafting something and was afk all the sudden starts crafting again, and then you continue you WHM grind YOU CAN SURELY EXPECT TO BE BANNED

    Are you more at risk? yes. but if you're a genuine person not multiboxxing, then you shouldn't worry and this should be apparent to anyone reviewing your accounts
    Hopefully with the KR labor system, if added, it discourages alts all together.

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    The current alt policy doesn't seem to please anyone, so I hope they address things before launch as its going to be a sh*t show otherwise. Gamigo need to be looking at alternative ways to discourage alting like the above-mentioned KR labour system, making certain tradable exploited items BoP and other deterrents within the accounts themselves.

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