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Thread: KR: Labor System in a Nutshell

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    KR: Labor System in a Nutshell

    There are no labor pots like before in the game. Old ones are grandfathered.

    The new item is a "Labor refiller" . You get this in KR via Marketplace, Daily quests rewards, Logintracker, events or PCBANG Coins.

    How it works:
    You have the normal Labor Points, and PoolLabor Points.
    The normal Labor points work as we know it... 10 lp / 5 min.
    The PoolLabor Points could be filled with the "Labor Filler".

    The PoolLabor Points has a cap of 3000 in the first place. So if your Char has 5000 normal Labor, he can fill up to 8000 Labor.. But this "Labor Filler" give less labor after each use.. it started with 1000 LP and ended after the 8th use at 500 LP..

    So if you filled up the PoolLabor the first time with 3 fillers, you will be near 3k.. so a 4th is not recommanded because if you reach 3k the rest is wasted!

    Now you use Laborpoints for your work.. and at first the PoolLabor is used.. and then the normal labor points..

    When you decide to refill your Labor again.. the "Labor filler" fills only the PoolLabor.. not your normal!
    So you can again fill up to 3000 Labor points.

    If a total of 10000 PoolLabor point is reached, you cannot fill it again on that day. You have to wait until reset at midnight ( i think 00:00 UTC ). After reset you can fill again up to 10k.

    I hope it was clear ^^

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    This makes a little more sense. I feel the quests needed and such have to be hard enough to make alts work for it. OR it has to be gated by a gearscore cap that is an average of some number to the server and can be changed

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    This sounds like an interesting system.
    So you get this Labor Filler item by being active in the game?

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    Itīs way better than right now.

    But they should change it for legacy servers too. Not only AAu or that could hurt even more the legacy.

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    How does the KR community feel about this system?

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