Hi there am a new player coming to archeage and archeage unchained. Devs said in the stream they are taking feedback so thought I would post something here as a new player coming to the game.

First would like to give a little background. I come from 5 years in eve online and 4 years in black desert online. So my feedback is from playing those mmos to coming here.

First things I want to talk about is keybinding and the ui. Main thing is why is shift not allowed to be rebound to a new key. Alot of us like a clean ui and having the mini map highlight when we need to shift 1 is a distraction. Give us full keybinding to all keys.

2. Cash shop. Am a bit of a whale in bdo but coming over to AA the cash shop just made me mad. No search. Categories seem to be all over the place. The whole ui for the cash shop needs a reworked. Needs to be full screen. When showing that new item on my toon also needs to be full screen. If am looking to drop real cash on an outfit. For me that is the most important thing to me at that time. Stuff should be easy and fast to find. Just take a look at bdo cash shop. Nice, simple, fast to swipe and get back to the game.

3. Mini map. This is a pvp based game. The mini map in AA is some of the worst I have seen for any pvp mmo. The mini map should be round and keep your player marker in the middle. Ya should be able to zoom in and out with great details of the map and players on the map. As it is now it is super cluttered with useless details. The current layout and resizing is wierd. That with the fact that you can not move it or move the quest tab around is also wierd. I really feel the minmap's main focus should be other players locations. Again this is a pvp mmo. The focus should be around pvp.

3. Ui and addons. The ui is ok but all kr mmos it seems to be the real weak point of their mmos. Bdo is the same. Not allowing addons or any real custom layouts, coloring or formatting makes the game feel stale. Just does not feel like it is yours. I would look at lifting the ban on ui addons and give an api for players to work on ui addons that is important to them. Most mmos allow this. Wow, eso just to name a few. Also allowing addons can allow players to have that custom feel and not put the work load on the dev team to try and please all.

4. Controls. This one is just my idea for all tab targeting mmos. Look at giving action combat / controller support. I thought about this one alot. I understand this might be a huge undertaking to do. But the more I thought about it. It would not be that hard. Ya could have an option in the menu for tab targeting or action combat. If you selected action combat it would lock your look around to mouse movements so you would not have to hold right mouse anymore and just use wasd to move around. Ya would get a crosshair and you would point it at set mobs to target and hit tab to highlight them. From there you would still have your action bar from 1 to 0 like you do now and you could leave your first skill as 1 on your keyboard or have an option in the menu to make it a custom keybind like left mouse or shift right mouse or W and F or shift e. Just to name a few possible binds. Whatever key combo ya would like. Just have two boxes in the hotbar menu. First box would be bind 1 and box 2 would be bind 2. If you left bind one empty it would only use bind 2. Doing this would still keep the tab targeting system in the game. And keep it still fair for both types of players. But give players the feel of action combat. Again being a bdo player i feel something like this would feel nice. But still keep us on the global cooldown and at it's core form of tab targeting system.

Also doing this it would make it easy to port a controller into the game. With the controllet ported in. Just a hop skip jump to consoles to make that gamer money. Plus alot of gamers are disabled and using a keyboard can be hard. Having some form of controller support from the dev team would be great.

This is just my feedback and thoughts from playing the game over the last few weeks as a new player coming from playing black desert online for the last 4 years. Am sick of bdo and moved over to Archeage Unchained as my new mmo. I skipped wow classic to come to the live servers to learn before sept 30th. I also understand that most likey the devs will not read this feedback or any of my ideas are worth looking at or putting into the game. I also understand coming from bdo that the devs here in this forums are not xl games and xl games is in Korea and those are the devs that make the core changes to the game. It is the same as kakao games and pearl abyss. Ya post on the bdo na forums and that info would never get to pearl abyss. I just hope the gamigo and xl games work together better then kakao games and pearl abyss. I guess as a new player I will find out. Forsure the history of Archeage and trion is not good. But am willing to give gamigo and xl games a try.

Overall what I heard on the live stream was good. But talking is one thing. Showing your community you will not go back on your words is another. I will be there for the launch of Archeage unchained. Just hope I do not have to leave.