Hello all! Wraithhunter here, I've been thinking about this for a very long time now..but since now Gamigo is in charge to say the least, I've been thinking, could Devilian be resurrected by them? As in, Re-open Devilian? Well, as crazy as I sound I've personally been missing Devilian, and still feel like it was shut down by the most BS of ways.

I understand at the time Trion was on the brink of Bankruptcy (though not known of that at the time), but I still felt angered of how they shut the game down without even trying to find a solution like they'd always tried before.

Yes Windows 10 update did not help in any way shape or form, that was one of the main reasons why Devilian basically broke lol. However there was a lot in the community of Devilian Forums offering their assistance to help try to find a solution to the problem, but of course no response was given.

I think what did annoy a lot of people on Devilian forums is the lack of communication, some where just thinking it wasn't going to be shut down others were, and the Dev's on those forums didn't really say a word about it or what was going on exactly..until of course the announcement that it will be shut down.

So my point is, since Trion is basically gone now, and seeing how Gamigo is caring for ArcheAge and trying at least to make it better, including other games like Trove, RIFT etc, is it possible for the Devs to re-create Devilian again? Maybe this is just a lost cause making this thread, but its an idea, I personally would be gun-ho if Devilian ever got created again, next to ArcheAge, was one of my favorite games out there...what do ye guys think? Is it possible or just a lost cause really, tell me your opinions.