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Thread: Legendary Moonlight Sculptor officially announced!

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    Legendary Moonlight Sculptor officially announced!

    Aside from ArcheAge, the other major project that XL Games has been working on is Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, a mobile Unity engine MMORPG based off the web novel series. It's been stated that Jake Song also worked directly as a developer and later, producer for the overall direction. Kakao Games seems to have invested in XL Games to help make this game happen.

    This is a big project for XL Games, their past mobile games have been small in scope and all shutdown. Moonlight Sculptor is also a hugely popular Korean IP, basically the Sword Art Online of Korea. It will be interesting to see how they decided to adapt the game. There's a lot riding on this since it's the only game XL has right now that can help them make a comeback as a company. ArcheAge can't carry their backs forever.

    More details about the release on this article.

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    Man, this novel is one of the best novels i ever read. If they are making a game out of it, 10/10 i'll buy it.
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