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Thread: Question on landgrab - AAU

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    unsure how its gonna be on AAU server capacity wise,

    though on Legacy after merges , 60% couldn't login
    servers were on qeueu starting 2hour prior to rush.

    if you didn't have your accounts online since morning,
    or was unlucky to DC.
    you could claim some left over land in the most unwanted zones...

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    Quote Originally Posted by anitabeer View Post
    Some things you are not taking into account. One - Farms. People will have 8 x 8 and 16 x 16. Two - Tax certs are Character bound. Your Alts can't hand your main their certs. Can't make unbound tax certs until skill 230,000.
    A bit MMO learning: alt - character on separate account, twink - character on same account.

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