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That is a LIE right there. And you know what? you can bloody PAY for your spots - if you want them - but you're not getting mine. Or you can make a guild and be green pirates; most of you already were anyway AND FINALLY: the most people with alts in pirate ARE PN people so give up your OWN spots to your 'friends.' You are literally crazy if you really believe that pirate is taken up by East/West people. It's not. Some alts have spots; I have one - I am using it for my guild to get achs and that is my right.

I pay patron on her and play her every day, and who are you to determine who is alt anyway and who not?

For a LONG TIME PN had advantage because of your size and whalescore and for a short time, you will not have.

Well that sucks but oh well. Adapt, overcome. You have before, you will again so why do you cry?

Are you this stupid or are you this stupid? Because i cannot believe someone with IQ bigger than broccoli's could write something like this. Noone plays pirates. Guess why - because they cannot get a single spot. And since the penalty system is broken, being a green pirate is a waste of time. If you think you pay for patron u have right to abuse exploits and some holes in rules, then it only proves the point we stated.

And pull your head out of your ♥♥♥, it's not a hat.