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Thread: General thoughts on AAU

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    General thoughts on AAU

    Hey guys,
    It's been a long time since I've been to these forums.
    None of you will remember me. I wasn't a big name in any of the servers. But I've been a long time fan of Archeage. I started following the game several years before it's NA release.
    Prior to coming to NA, I played the Japanese and Russian betas. I then played the NA alpha which hosted some of my favorite gaming memories.
    Unfortunately, I left shortly after release because of what I perceived as p2w cash shop items. Which, from what I've read, only got worse as time went on.

    With the announcement of AAU, my interest has reignited. But I'm a bit apprehensive. Last time I bought into this game, I felt screwed over by the publisher.

    What is the general Consensus from you guys? Cautiously optimistic? Overwhelmingly negative? Super excited?

    Do you see any falsehoods with what gamigo has told us so far?
    Do you think AAU will succeed?

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    The publisher is different. I feel like this publisher is doing a better job but server maintenance issues have not been quite up to the level Trion was at when they sold. I think they're doing pretty well and the stuff they're doing well is enough for me to prefer them over Trion. Trion did a last minute cash grab right before selling. Crazy sales to have the books show higher profit than should have been shown. We haven't seen the new owners do anything dishonest like that so far.

    I have been playing actively since 2.9 except for a stint after the 4.5 patch because of a few major exploits in that patch doing great harm to the legacy servers. I didn't feel like playing for several months because of that so I only did noryette dungeon and burned my labor opening coin purses. The last patch was good. It was the first good patch I have seen in my time playing the game. All of the others did more harm than good imo (especially 3.5- 4.5).

    Hiram gear makes a great non-ptw progression path so I am cautiously optimistic about the unchained servers. One thing I really like about unchained is that it lets us start fresh on servers where people didn't get ridiculous gear from exploits. Don't get me wrong, I'm competitive on legacy so I can still do great against the people who cheated to get gear. I am just looking forward to playing in an environment where that stuff is not a factor. Also, some of the restrictions look like a fun challenge to me. Lack of transferable tax certs and pajamas means you don't necessarily limit yourself if you don't have property. That's a positive change. I also like that you can gradually earn various special mounts and gliders without ptw and you can't buy them with real money.

    We can't see falsehoods with what they've told us so far because we don't have a test server or a live server to compare to what they said. They have not contradicted themselves so that's a good sign. The lack of transferable costumes is a pretty clear indicator that they're really going hardcore anti-ptw.

    I think AAU will succeed. Clear indicators of that are the number of legacy players that are scared about it as well as the fact that they're launching 2 servers. We have 2 production servers per region and that's with mass alts being allowed. They always spec servers for fewer players than they have because they expect a lot of people to quit early. This means that we have a LOT more players than on a legacy server because many people on legacy servers have 10 or more alts.

    To put it in perspective for you... There have been several fresh start servers in the time I've been playing AA. This is the first one that I was interested in.

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    The new publishers are going after the cash in a new way. AAU. Blizzard just did it too. WOW Classic is a huge hit. Now it does not cost anything other than a subscription. Do I trust Gamigo. No. The server stability is much lower. My toons get kicked regularly from eu and na.

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    The simple fact that they are delaying the launch to ensure a quality product is a good sign in my opinion. Trion never did that, they pushed out half done patches with known issues.

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    I wanna to believe "new" publisher but need to be a realist, there no will be a smooth AAU start. Reasons? After Trions buying just look at support quality, content quality, patches quality when known isues didnt fixed too long or well known abuse bug without hotfix when it was already fixed on korean version.

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    'Thought on AAU'

    the best way to find a new way to screw over the player community.

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    I'm hopeful. And excited. Many of us that have played AA in the past loved the game as it was in Alpha and beyond, but stepped away due to heavy P2W, expensive lockboxes, and watching people with unlimited RL money take up huge tracks of land when there was a housing shortage for new players trying out AA.

    What has me hopeful:
    1. No lockboxes - I can buy the costumes I want for a set price.
    2. No P2W items in the cash shop, including costumes.
    3. Going after gold buyers this time, whereas they've focused on gold sellers in the past.
    4. 3 accounts per person. This is the point I'm grumbly about as I know the wealthier RL players have already figured out how to circumvent this. (Why don't they stay on Legacy if they want to P2W? This boggles me.)
    5. Updated graphics that look quite a bit better. Female elves have had a complete makeover. Will the older races get a makeover, too?
    6. Moving to 64-bit client. Streamers report 20-30 FPS difference in game play, saying it's much smoother in Korea.
    7. Jake Song is back at the helm of AA.
    8. Rounded content release for all playstyles.
    9. After watching the dev streams, Gamingo producers seem committed to pushing out a quality product. The old Trion staff didn't have that same thing about them, not even Khorlan.

    At the end of the day, I decided I want to play AA:U. If it does fail for some reason, it won't be any worse than the dozens of clone titles that have released over the past 3-4 years and as long as I get my money's worth of entertainment, I'm okay with that.

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