Hey guys,
It's been a long time since I've been to these forums.
None of you will remember me. I wasn't a big name in any of the servers. But I've been a long time fan of Archeage. I started following the game several years before it's NA release.
Prior to coming to NA, I played the Japanese and Russian betas. I then played the NA alpha which hosted some of my favorite gaming memories.
Unfortunately, I left shortly after release because of what I perceived as p2w cash shop items. Which, from what I've read, only got worse as time went on.

With the announcement of AAU, my interest has reignited. But I'm a bit apprehensive. Last time I bought into this game, I felt screwed over by the publisher.

What is the general Consensus from you guys? Cautiously optimistic? Overwhelmingly negative? Super excited?

Do you see any falsehoods with what gamigo has told us so far?
Do you think AAU will succeed?