Soon I coming back to Streaming + Videos with New Channel on YT + Totally new content.
I would like to create good time and atmosphere for everyone who will spend some free time with me

What I wan to create?
Easy, good content for everyone. Probably I will make 3-4 videos per week ~10min each, I don't wan to make them too long.

I will try to stream as much as I can, but I would like to create great community not my audition, I will invite everyone who would like to play with me, speak with me. I'm there for you!
(When I will change my approach to earning money I will close my stream + YT )

About me:

I'm 28 yr full time Project Manager from small country far far away (Poland). It's already 16 years since I started playing games, my 1st one and probably one of my favorite is Mario I spend so many hour with my cousins trying to save princess, but She was in Another Dammn Castle!!!!!!!!!!

My Gaming Career:

-Tibia 4 years
-Perfect World 2 years
-WoW 2 years
-Leage of Legend 4 year
-AA 1 Year
Any my last one was Black Desert Online but I was totally tired of this game... Rly after 3 years I finally achieved 284 AP but can't bare anymore grinding to get better gear to grind more.

My FB: Link
Discord: Link

Don't Hostile to write to me