I got stolen chest items worth 20k g from a newcomer, who was in my guild/family.
His/Her name, Lolxd, which is apparently an alt, is quite a genius at fooling ppl.
This case, it was my fault, cause i didnt see her true motives & had open that chest for family.
Im sure, the support cant help me with that case. Most items were quite rare things, (im p2w) so pretty shocked & disappointed right now.
Today she left family & guild & all my chest items were gone, including several designs & mats...(60€+)

The german guild <Black Panthers> already got stolen things, which happened 4 days ago.
This time, it only affected me, Coffin, of <Imagine>.
be careful of newcomers. Dont open important chests for new comers & newbies, who joined guild only few days.

We(Imagine & Black Panthers) are pretty sure, that those two incidents were commited by the same thief.

Just be careful. like i said before, my items were rare ones.
Just looked up, every item i had in chest is available on ah now, all of them available for the next 3h
But sad as it is, we have no PROOF. We only know, after chest items were gone, the guy left the guild.

This doesnt have to do with my thread, but think i ll quit playing

at last, i ll repeat, be very very careful please. & sorry for bad english.

a very disappointed Coffin,

the one & only japanese player on Ezi