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Thread: PTS Character lock

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    PTS Character lock

    Hi, I have one char on PTS1 and one char on PTS2. I cannot create any characters on PTS3 is this intentional? FYI I have no other char on any other servers at all.

    Submitted a ticket

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    you can have up to 6 characters per account, 2 from start and unlockable 4 so if you make a character at any server it counts as 1 slot its not per server its per account.

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    Free Character Slot Scrolls in the AAU PTS marketplace might help you out.
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    so it's supposed to be limited to 2 even though the login screen says 4?

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    yeah its like 6 characters slots total across all servers per account, 4 max per server (which is that login screen mentioned kinda slightly wrongly explained on it) but initialy you only have 2 slots.

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    I also have this problem. I have two characters on PTS1, with a 7 day deletion time, and it will not let me make new characters on PTS2 or 3.

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    PTS counts as one server no matter if its 1 2 or 3 you can only have 2 normal characters thats it dont know if you can buy extra character slots on PTS never tried it so cant answer that part, 2 slots per server a count of 3 servers per account you can buy 2 more slots per account if you want to total of 8 per account but only 2 on each server minus the buy slots you cant buy extra slots if you dont have a character in the server in other word's if you buy a slot where ever your at thats where it stays its not transferable if you can this is how you do it to get to PTS3 you got one in pts 1 and 1 in pts 2 buy a slot in one or the other make a character there delete one of them then you have a extra guy to go to PST3 that is if there selling slots on PTS

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    Still have one timing out, can someone push it along??
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