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Thread: Connection to server lost while in queue

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    Connection to server lost while in queue

    I don't have scrennshots, because the game window closed itself after I pressed the "ok" button, but I'll try my best to describe what had happened.

    I was in queue for about 4-5h and everything seemed to work fine (game didn't freeze or anything, numbers kept getting smaller), when suddenly a prompt appeared with something along the lines of: "Connection to server lost" and an "ok" button beneath it. I'm very sure that my connection didn't dip, as I was connected to other servers at the time that, of which not a single one indicated me getting disconnected. Checked my router and it was the same, my internet connection had not been interrupted. After pressing the "ok" button, the whole game window closed itself.

    I tried to login back again, but as soon as the game window came up, I got greeted with another prompt telling me something along the lines of "duplicate login" and I was forced out again, after pressing the "ok" button.

    After closing and reopening the glyph launcher, I was able to open the game and queue up again, no problem.

    Just wanted to put this out here.

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    Same exact thing happened to me bud...

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