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    Shadows Revealed: Patch Note Feedback

    We'd like to gather your feedback about Shadows Revealed.
    The patch notes are still work in progress. You can find them here

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    Absolutely not a fan of the labour changes. On my down days *I* should get to decide how much I play (how much labour I buy); not you.
    Because I play a lot some days and barely any some days, it's not right that my labour is CAPPED basically not using the patron I pay for; but then - I cannot even buy MORE pots on days when I can play a lot.

    MANY PEOPLE in Legacy tend to do everything in chunks because we work for a living.

    Therefore; making it so our labour stops accruing for days due to cap; but then that we also cannot buy more to finish our 'weekly char maint/gear levelling/gold making' tasks; people who work and buy patron & stipends for that reason, get the bad end of the stick unless there is no cap on how much labour your account can hold as long as patron is running.

    The more Labor Rechargers are consumed the lower the amount of recharged Labor Points is going to be.
    But why?
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    Anything to stop us from playing, actually.
    You are already doing a different Labor system on Unchained, why change the system here?

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    In addition to that, do you plan to pass the servers Nui and Ezi into Legacy or not? That we can have players coming from the servers and that we can finally access all the content.
    Because there, no word about it in the update

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    New Labor System

    A new labor system has been implemented to ensure a fairer way of labor consumption among all players. Labor Potions are going to be discontinued. However, you are still able to use up the remaining Labor Potions in your inventory. With this update, Labor Rechargers are newly introduced to Erenor. These items restore a certain amount of Labor. The more Labor Rechargers are consumed the lower the amount of recharged Labor Points is going to be.

    The new Labor Rechargers can only be used on the server where the Labor Points have been recharged and are recharging the sever bound Labor. Server bound Labor will be consumed before accountwide Labor. Online/Offline Labor regeneration and discontinued Labor Potions can only refill the accountwide Labor.
    What happens to labor and vocation stipends? Will they keep mailing labor pots after the patch or will they become useless?

    What are the labor rechargers? What is the limits of either labor pool?

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    I don't understand why game Designers and Publishers always only work in the direction to xxxx off Players.
    Seriously, why don't you guys stop making xxxx and start Fixing Problems before implementing "new Systems".
    In what point is the new labor system fairer for all players?

    You guys should get less money for every hour you work more.
    Before every patch we think what might come around, any improvements, and Fixing? and the the patch comes and we know, the only goal you have is to prevent players from having fun and enjoying the game.
    You need to know, we are free to go away whenever we want, and we can stop giving our money to the game.

    When you change patron benefits or System you should give back ALL the money to all players and give them opportunity to sign up again for NEW Patron conditions.

    By the way, is the Login tracker also discontionued? can't get Login track for 2 days now

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    Überlegt es Euch gut, die Arbeitspunktetränke aus dem Spiel zu nehmen, damit werdet Ihr mich nicht dazu bringen, auf den AAU zu wechseln ! Ich wechselte erst zu dem Neustartserver und zog mir einen neuen Char hoch, dieser Char hat mich in 4,5 Monaten schon 3,2 Tausend Euro gekostet, der alte Char kostete etwas mehr und den habe ich aufgegeben, nochmal mache ich so etwas nicht und wenn ich keine Arbeitspunktetränke mehr kaufen kann, bin ich weg hier, denkt daran, es ist nicht mein Verlust, Euch wird mein Geld fehlen, ich gehe zu einem anderen Spiel und die werden sich über mein Geld freuen !
    Ihr macht den selben Blödsinn wie BigPoint, die haben sich auch immer mehr an die NoPayer angepasst und das Spiel so verändert, dass Payer keinen Spaß mehr haben...Jetzt hat BigPoint weniger Geld und muss damit leben ! Ich bin überzeugter Payer und will ein Spiel, bei dem es Pay2Win gibt, ansonsten bin ich weg !

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    Hey Carendash, just a question about hte elves in the shadows revealed, it says that the whole race went under revision but i can only see changes to females, are males getting revision as well later?

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    Please can we have some clarification on the housing land around the castle seige zones? When will it be possible to claim the land on Legacy servers? Are we prevented from building until the castles are claimed or can we put down farms as soon as the server is up?

    I am specifically asking in regards to Legacy servers as i know AAU housing is blocked untill weekend after patch.

    Thank you.
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    happy with the new 64 bit client, the rest you can take back.

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