a lot of players are having issue's with logging to the server. Seeing all those seperate posts the main issue at the moment is crashing to the desktop without any error message.
Besides a message from Carendash, yesterday, we have no further information. So what's the situation Gamigo?
Are the problems client based and do we have to trouble shoot our own systems? Are the problems on your side and we just have to wait till you have it fixed? Are you aware of the problems or do you need more information from the players, e.g. more crash logs?

I applaud the fact that you listened to your testers and made sure to realy test this up-date and bigg change more then the 2 or 3 days we are used to , so kudos there.
I'm missing the communication though.

missed the memo somehow that there is a new part on the forum: AA Unchained.
You can find information about the pts server there.
In my defence: I expected information regarding the PTS, in the PTS forum and not in the AA Unchained section.