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    I would like to see different sounding instruments (without any stats) in both the diligence and the credits marketplaces.

    It's a shame that most cool sounding instruments are so expensive and/or grindy to acquire right now.
    If you choose to spend 1k Kyrios badges for an instrument, for example, you're effectively gimping yourself compared to everyone else since you can't afford to buy the stat titles instead. And that's for just one instrument.

    The artistry skill is such a great and relatively unique feature, it's a shame that musicians are severely hindered in collecting the instruments right now. Adding them to the shops is a no-brainer in my opinion.

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    So normaly i wouldnt post anything, because thatīs usually not what i do. But i m really disappointed in seeing those salon certificates again or well for the first time. I started when there was the "event" where a blue salt hammer was enough which was pretty need since the changes in the salon were only about different looks so i wasnt so concerned about making it perfect since it was just 1 blue salt hammer. But now it costs credits 600 even so now if i just want to change the colour of my eyes and hair of my character i would need to buy credits for 10€ which is just a joke how can such a minimal change cost like 4€ like its not even a costume or anything why cant you make it at least 500 credits so i can actually buy it with my anyway useless 500 credits i got for buying this game. I m kinda upset about this since its not a big chang to begin with pls change this to at least 500 credits or move it to the diligence shop. I dont like this change at all at least make it 500 credits.

    So after thinking it through now and also taking into account that there are sales/discounts on the credit shop which makes it possible to use the 500 credits i realized that its really ok the pricing i mean so just ignore my little rant up there you doing a good job afterall

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    Hi Carendash!
    I think the marketplace looks great. I was wondering if it's possible to bring old costumes like the Oathbound and Oathbreaker plates specifically. I would totally buy these. Is there any plans to bring old costumes back?

    Side note: I'm fairly new to the game, and honestly by watching you, Djaya and Khrolan in the streams working so hard to get all fans wanted with the cash shop changes made a couple friends, my fiance and me buy the game. Amazing job in getting that done (combos are the most important thing though)

    Thank you,


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    I want apex in aa:unchained

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    I want to see more of what koreans have. Just the wardrobe itself is.... sad.
    Mostly I wanna see the sloth and squirrel glider

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    Can u please put the mushroom decor pack bk in thxs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carendash View Post

    As we've addressed in the stream we'd like to know what you would like to be changed / removed / put in to the Credits marketplace, or if you like it the way it is.

    Please be as detailed and honest as possible.

    ~The ArcheAge Team
    Your prices are absurd, at 40 euro ($50) for a skin who is buying anything? For every 10 you sell ($500) you would probably get 100 ($5000) if they felt they were getting something worth for that money, make skins $5 and generally lower everything similarly. Your prices are absurd and completely counterproductive to AAU business.

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    are there any plans to ever put, sandals, flip flops, bracelets and such in credit shop? there is really lacking ucc/customizable costume items in any shop

    Edit: i believe at this point there is no way to hide your boots and gloves in unchained version of the game

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