Unchained at all is a good idea, but P2W isnt the hole Problem of the game. The biggest Problem is the equipment system. It made it unplayeable for new Players and kills all the fun with diffrent skilltrees.

At the start of you carrer you have to decide what you want to Play in the endgame. You give us so many different classes on one charakter and we cant realy swap between themů. thats ridiculous.

Change the costs from Equipment to vehicules/ houses and castels. It made the pvp mutch more balanced and absolute more fun for new Players. With expensive castels/ houses and vehicules im pretty sure that everybody will trade alot to get those things.

To know that you CAN defent your cargo is a mutch better feeling. If someone join the game in 6 month and he went for trade run. A green jump on your boat, you see his GS and you know you are ♥♥♥♥ed. Thats absolute stupid for a PvP title. Its 100% sure that he will leave your game cause of this matter.

Change that and im sure it will be the best game in the world. Archeage can beat WoW but there are to many issues with your dailys and so on that the game feels like a second full time Job.