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I have only seen his Sparring Arena archer videos as 1vs1 (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuU..._as=subscriber). Shortly he is sparring arena warrior; not open world player to do real fight against really good geared players like in legacy servers where there are many +14k, +15k or even some +16k gs players there. No castle siege pvp video, no small vs small based pvp video, no public faction raid video, no medium vs medium based pvp video or no zerg vs zerg video against the dominating guilds with his archer character. If the real archery pvp video is only sparring arena for the chat warriors in this forums that claims that archery is so strong to beat any other same or higher gear score players so easily then I cannot say anything.

Some players like me in the forums that always said the truths about current archer class then these people here only was doing toxicity comments and insult us. It seems like it is opposite. No point to discuss archery with sparring arena user players which some certain classes are really overpowered in only sparring arenas at AA which are the instant skill classes as getting some sub-trees to cc your opponent to win.

I still check that a normal archer player cannot post a real pvp video of hiram set to fight against these high gear score players with radiant erenor +25 mythic/eternal grade weapon players that are +14k, +15k, +16k which AA Legacy servers are filled with these kind of players only right now. Thus, if you cannot afford to spend high amounts of real money then you cannot reach their gear score or you cannot fight against them. Start thinking to talk reality of the game pvp really in AA.

Full Library set requires as full armor, or weapon if you want with the library t2 version which is good too, or full noryette accessories etc, you need hundred of thousands of gold. Thus, going to library set at AAU is a dream so many players will go for hiram. AAU is not p2w and no mega multi-accounting is allowed and it is far harder than previous p2w AA Legacy servers, so I say again to many players that you need to forget having best gear in a short time. Even within one year, that you will see +6k-7k-8k gs players rarely. Because servers will be fulled that trade routes are not safed any time in the game and you are only allowed to have 3 accounts, otherwise you will get permanent ban and to progress three accounts are really hard with AAU if you read the news. If you are gold seller or gold buyer then you will get permanent ban with your every registered accounts. Already these p2w players will return back to AA Legacy within 3-4 months for sure. Dominating guilds will not bring you free gold too that most of things are faction based now and there will be tons of players to fight against you this time, unlike the dead AA EU free farm servers with lowest population with no competition. We shall see how GG these players without gear with very hard character progress, no p2w, no mega alts server game named AAU.
Open world is EASIER for an Archer, than 1v1. In open world I get to freely attack players and capitalize on debuffed targets.

Open world is a pacified version of "real" pvp IMHO, because mass pvp often relies on numbers rather than mechanics, and small scale/solo is just getting the jump on them before they jump you.

You have ample buffs, pets and gimmicks being used to your advantage, while arena has 80% of those restricted from use. Your points are moot. Archers also combo very well with other archers and also combo EXTREMELY WELL with occultism classes ... Which is the most used RvR initiation tree in the game. Lmao you really need to stop.~