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Thread: Are there ANY advantages to having 2 accounts?

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    Are there ANY advantages to having 2 accounts?

    Are there ANY advantages to having 2 accounts? I'm thinking to help with land grab...

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    Double the labor.

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    More labor, more land, more gilda...

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    Faster gems/honor, be in your own family, vocation, blue salt tokens.

    I think the better question is "is there any reason not to have as many accounts as allowed?"
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    But how do you use the extra labor to benefit your "main"? Plant trees and such then sell them and send the gold?

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    Forming a family and setting house chests to "family" access allows alts to spend their labor doing all the gathering/processing and then depositing it into the chest. Bound currencies and items can be used to create other forms of shareable resources. At least they are limiting it to 3 accounts per person but having 2 or all 3 is still a benefit overall.

    To anyone who thinks they can get away with more than 3, realize they can keep track of when you log in, what you do, and how often. It's easy to spot how many accounts are funneling resources to a single account in a single household. If you get caught once, your whole empire falls. Plus it'll be funny to imagine how much effort you'd have put into it lol.

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    you could use a second account to c@ck-block land i supose

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