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Thread: PTS #1 Gamingo see please

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    Unhappy PTS #1 Gamingo see please

    I would like to raise a question about PTC 1.
    Namely, why on PTS 1, Fluffy teams are not available for players with Patron.

    I'm not interested in the new server at all, if you want to somehow protect them from the commands, why on the regular 6.0 server stop these commands?

    I want to go in, get lvl, see from you new Fluffy teams for Disciple's equip!

    See new fluffy on the resources needed for its grade, namely items falling into the 45-50 wave standard.
    And abyssal crystals falling from a golem in a dungeon.
    To create runes for awakened equip.

    Anyway, if I paint it here, then what will you do or a specific person to do it?
    Preparation of PTS for testing was not prepared in principle, as there were no 5.5 new teams to test this or that new content.

    I ask no one to be offended by my statement, I did not have the patience to remain silent. For two days I didnít understand whatís wrong, why did I spend time downloading and fixing problems with PTS and in fact I didnít receive information from this server which, in principle, it should provide to players with Patron.

    Please give an adequate answer from Gamingo why specifically on PTS # 1 there are no fluffy teams. I'm not interested in PTS 2 and PTS 3 Uncharted or how it ...

    Thank you for listening to me, please forgive me for my English

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    Please do not close your eyes, give an answer

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    Unhappy answers pls!

    yeah hes totally right!

    also some cloaks would be nice

    we wanna test stuff and not go there to lvl and grind

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    Fluffy commands were disabled before patch 6.0. First, the marketplace was turned off, and then the Fluffy teams. Patches were installed, the marketplace was turned on, and the teams remained disconnected. How many times have I written about this, but have not received an answer. Apparently, the Fluffy teams are broken, or they simply do not want to be turned on in order to let the players themselves test all the new features. Of course, I understand that it’s easier for developers to collect more errors and bugs, but you still need a conscience.

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    To test the new content 6.0 you need to play for months. To get 1 possible attempt to get a rune for Disciple's equip you need to have a team of 5 players played and about 5 days of play. Namely, everyone should have a high gear score
    We conclude that no one can even test this basis. Same with waking up Disciple's equip

    I'm not talking about much more added to the game in the update in the period 5.5-6.0

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    Personally, I do not play on regular servers. But I prefer only the Public Test. But to my deepest disappointment, the new Fluffy teams have not been addicted for a long time. I pay for the subscription month, and look forward to a more or less comfortable game. At the moment, I can’t say that the game on the Public Test is comfortable. Not working fluffy sex woes. The most important thing is that the game quite often crashes without any errors. Yes, you have already corrected a lot, but still there are errors that, as I see, you are not in a hurry to fix. I would like you to add new Fluffy teams. After all, the game is developing, but the team is not.

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    or how about npcs where you can just buy all that stuff like on russian pts it was..

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    Quote Originally Posted by qtpie View Post
    or how about npcs where you can just buy all that stuff like on russian pts it was..
    That would be just great! But apparently, for them it is difficult. Okay, I understand that teams are more convenient for them, but why not make them REUSABLE ?!

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