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Thread: Damage Reduction

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    Big HACK=? Or maybe A BIG BUG IN PTS For Damage/Reduction

    Hi, i've been playing the test server for days and look for something unusual, a level 51 character with a normal gear, in pvp,is inflicting less damage as a normal character ,and we tested with another archer level 30 and we have a big surprise , this archer with more gear and more level than a level 30 character with the same setup of skill inflict a lot of less damage like 4987 damage for each skill and this character level 51 using the same skill inflict 466 damage and the maximum damage for this character level higher was 1500 that could be a bug or maybe a hack?
    i read your theories and possible help.

    This happen to him when i went to the another continent (haranya) and got some pvps

    all this happen in pvp .
    in pve is totaly normal.

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    it was added back in 4.5 to vulnerable zones in east/west continents
    higher lvl players do less dmg to lower lvl players, lower lvl players do more dmg to higher lvl players
    it was to prevent lvl 50s no lifers from camping lvl 30s questing, but the mechanic is removed when the zone is at war time (conflict time won't count)

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