This did cause the story to progress. If you stick close to Clan Alliance Leader Alotos in Widesleeves town in Arcum Iris zone it will it will prompt you to automatically pick up [Solis Headlands] quest. Then you can run to Tigerspine Mountains (I did not use my mount to cross zones) and it will give you the quest update where your character will say "Where did Haman go?" in Quest Dialog. Then, you can continue forward toward Ramusi, who is up the road, where you must stop and wait at him for about 30 seconds and the next quest will appear.

The problem here I feel is that if you don't stop and wait for a few moment, you will not get the updates either at Clan Alliance Leader Alotos, or as Ramusi. I, like a lot of MMO players, just immediately started moving to my other quests when I was finished reading. This might be something to recommend that the [Solis Headlands] quest be given automatically after completing [The Path of Vengeance] so that players who don't sit and wait will get the next stage of the story quest.

Hope this has been helpful.

- Joe