Heya! This is probably a long standing bug, but whenever I get disconnected, whenever I relog - be it five hours later or immediately - it takes the usual 3-4 minutes to boot, with an immediate "Duplicate login detected" and a close to desktop. This is remedied by logging in again, at the cost of another 3-4 minutes. If I get a random DC in a raid, it can take up to 10 minutes for me to get back in, costing me my spot. If I get DC'd while exiting an arena, relogging will give me a hard black screen. This is a softlock, and requires that I restart my PC, or in some cases, reinstall the game.

Another annoying bug I've noticed is after the recent update, the game launches in a type of windowed fullscreen mode, instead of the proper Windowed Fullscreen where I can't see the edges of the window. In this broken view, you can clearly see the edges, and the cursor is displaced about half an inch below its visual point. It's like clicking the button above where you're supposed to be clicking.

Occasionally, whenever you alt+tab out of the game, returning to the game will lock the alt key. If you're trying to attack something, you'll be hammering buttons to no affect. Pressing alt again will fix this. This is frustrating for new players.

This isn't a bug, but a gameplay problem. In Instanced Arenas, every weapon choice gets 1,200 points in their preferred stat, and 300 in Stamina (Example: Melee weapon gets 1,200 Strength, and 300 Stamina). Ranged Weapon, unfortunately, gets 600 points in Agility and 800 in Stamina. This makes no sense, as no Archer would ever prioritize stamina over Agility. On top of this, we get 100 less stat points than other classes. This means that in "Balanced" Arenas, we don't have 100% accuracy, and we lose a large portion of our DPS to missing the target. Additionally, our damage is stagnate and poor, to the point that even cloth wearing players can survive two to three Archers spamming them out. It doesn't help that our main stat, Defense Penetration, isn't given to us by our selection. An Archer needs two things to be effective: Massive amounts of Agility, and Defense Penetration. Unless if you turret, then you have no chance of dealing even moderate damage. And an idle archer, is a dead archer. I could understand if it were a balancing issue, but if that were the case, then Melee classes need 600 Strength and 800 Stamina instead, as they are the Front Line class, and often get targeted first. They also have built in armor penetration, making them overly powerful compared to other Archers, who need all of their Armor Penetration from gear or - God help you - Deadeye, the worst ability in game.

Additionally, in Sparring/Gladiator Ring, the next round doesn't reset the 3 Shots in Blazing Arrow, so I'm at a disadvantage. On top of that, death in other arenas doesn't reset any cooldowns but Defiance. There is no consistency. Death should reset all cooldowns, period.

A few more game breaking bugs: If you stand on a cart as it travels through Solzreed, you will be teleported to Y-0, deep beneath the sea. This puts you deep under water, and often times, you'll drown before reaching the surface. If you have a dahuta's breath, you could swim beneath all of the land and reach places you shouldn't.

Planting trees on certain angles prevent them from being cut down.

Using the Burrowing Snakes spell in Duels will often make you purple, if it bursts on the target when the duel ends. This usually leads to the purple duelist being killed by another player.

Sometimes, if you die and you're resurrected during a large scale fight, you may not have sound return when you're rez'd.

When Sport Fishing, fish tend to "swim" on land, or better yet, onto your boat. Directly in front of you. They can also swim under the map, leading to you not being able to collect your fish.

You can move players out of Nui's protection by pushing them out with a mount, bumping them, etc. Nui should have collision immunity.

The Owlina mount is overtuned for its ease of access. Everyone has one, and it's better than every other mount available. It needs a nerf. This is rather serious, because it makes you ineffective to use a mount you prefer.

Tier 1 Hiram costs more to level than Tier 2. I don't know if this is intentional.

The base success rate for T1 to T2 is really low. I've spent 90 scrolls and the only thing I've managed to do is crystalize 2 armor pieces. It's really tough on low levels, because getting Honor through PvP only gets harder with every day, as the average Gear Score rises.

The Chat Delay is essential in Nation, but annoying in Local Chat, when half of my messages are killed by the 3 Second Rule. I'm a fast typer and I like to space my sentences apart. This leads to me losing half of my sentences. This isn't a bug, but I can't retrieve the sentence, so I'll throw it in here.

I have a lot more, but it's more like Gameplay Complaints than bugs.