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Thread: Pet armor crafting

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    Pet armor crafting

    Hello, I havenít played since 3.0 and I canít seem to figure out pet gear crafting for 6.0. You used to craft up linearly at the pet accessory workbench, but I donít see this option anymore. Does anybody have first hand knowledge or a guide they could link me to? Thanks!

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    I never did pet gear before but I've been playing around with battle pets on PTS.

    You can buy 2 types of pet gear on PTS. 1 type is a box that has a full suit of pet gear for a specific lvl range of pet. The first box is for lvl 25-40. The 2nd is for lvl 40-55 and the 3rd is for lvl 55. The lvl 55 gear can be synthesized with infusions that drop in ancestral crates up to celestial grade.

    There is also another kind of pet armor that can be bought from the stablehand. I haven't tried it out but it's there.

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    Is it intended that it moving a grade (or not) has no listed effects?

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