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Thread: RIP Leggiage from Aranzeb

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    RIP Leggiage from Aranzeb

    So, I've been out of the loop for about a month now with my own family issues, and just saw in the old Western Front discord that Leggiage passed away on 9/12/19

    Leggiage played on the old Aranzeb server and was an officer in the old Western Front Nuia guild. She had a quirky sense of humor and would help any new player in the guild, with mats and crafting. She was one of the Leaders that orchestrated gearing up an entire guild, through guild teamwork, from farming materials, crafting, and trade. Way before the grind your gear system, and when TS trees were 2000 gold. As a player, she was willing to evolve and swing with the punches. A crafter by nature, some would call carebear at times, because she still believed in values and ethics. She wasn't afraid of pvp and hardwork. She didn't like bullying and sometimes was a bit of a sh!t talker to those that liked to gank players or scam the server. She had a heart of Gold.

    She will be missed by all her friends.
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    She was a dear friend irl and will be sorely missed.
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