Today I logged into the server and noticed I was prompted with Easy Anti cheat to run as admin. It has not done this in previous days. The first time I logged in today, prompted to run EAC as admin.... no problems.

However, the second time I logged in I am prompted to run EAC as admin and when the game window loaded... it loads in windowed mode(it should be borderless windowed) and the mouse cursor graphically is about 5 millimeters below the actual mouse point.

I can then switch into full screen, and then back into borderless windowed mode and it is then fixed.

The other and possibly bigger problem, whether related or not I am unsure... but when looking at my daily schedule for the archepass I am being charged again to unlock all of the quest slots except for the premium slot. Now this is with the basic track, and I have not changed tracks.

I should also note that I logged out before server reset, and when I logged back in... this is when I discovered the track quest slots had reset.

If this is an intended mechanic, I apologize. But my understanding is that you only have to re-purchase the quest slots if you change which track you are following.