I have played ArcheAge last time around 2 years ago and i have missed out ALOT of content simply because i didnt liked the way how the Free players were beyond limited in playing and i heard of the news for ArcheAge Unchained and i thought, lets check on the PTS to see how it is like, the good thing is, that i saved the preset of my character before i created her, just like most of my characters.
When i loaded my preset, i just saw an unrecognizable character which doesn't seem like my character at all.
She looks WAY different than it used to be back then.
This is her now:

and this is how she used to look like:

Can you explain me how she ended up being like this?
And another thing, when i used the ability Holy Bolt in Vitalism i wondered, what the hell happened to the Animation of the Ability, it looks kind of cheap and i hope theres a way for the Devs to rework the animation.