World servers where character reservation has been locked or restricted will open again for additional founder's character reservation over an announced window prior to release. We're carefully considering the number of pre-created characters vs. accounts to ensure secondary characters on the same server don't artificially suggest a higher amount of traffic.

We understand that some players who were not able to reserve their names on a server with the rest of their guild or social group are anticipating future availability. Our immediate priority is to ensure we open with proper world balance--in terms of both load and faction--to manage queue times across the board. Please consider that focusing on the most populated server may ultimately lead to the division of your group, and depending on the severity a different server should be considered.

Regarding created characters and their deletion:
Deleting a character that has been created through the founder's reservation process will lead to the name used being locked and inaccessible. We have limited ability to affect the way the names of deleted characters are filtered at this time. It's possible to edit your character's appearance after reserving your name, but not possible to change race or skillset.