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Thread: Account limit question

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    Account limit question

    Hi guys,
    Few questions from a new player here. Hope it will be to use for others on the future.
    About account limit - I don't understand what does it mean..
    1. Does it mean one can have 3 characters? One can change its skill set whenever he want, so what is the point on getting 2 more?
    2. Maybe I understood it incorrectly and it means one can have 3 accounts per IP after buying game?
    3. We are 3 bros on the same IP who want to play.. So maybe it even means only one need to buy it and the 2 others can play it too to maximum of 3 characters and party? or we need to buy 3 times the game to do so?

    I didn't play aau because I can't pay here due to 'glyph country known issue' and I don't know when will they take care of my ticket. So I'll probably buy it on Steam and It will help me and my bros if someone will clarify the account limit issue.

    Thank in advance

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    It means that a single person can own and play up to three accounts.

    1. Each account comes with two character slots. So that's 6 possible character slots for one player. What you use them for is up to you. You can try out skillsets without having to switch (good because you build your gear around your skillset). Or create a char in the opposing faction to use for trading or spying, or keep a char on the mainland for lifeskills while your main is grinding in Auroria. Whatever you want.

    2. IP relates to the household, not just one person. There won't be IP blocking. Technically, every person in the household can own up to 3 accounts.

    3. For 3 people playing together, you'll need 3 computers, and you have to buy the game three times (at least one account per person). You can't party up chars on the same account, because you can only play on char at a time.

    4. Wether anyone of you wants more than one account is up to personal preference. It can be useful depending on playstyle, but that mainly concerns land ownership, crafting, farmville and trading. If your main focus is gear and PVP, you should be fine with one account each.

    Hope this helps you, and have fun
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    Thanks a lot dude!
    You answered all and even gave me more info that i'm sure will help us on the future. so believe me it helps xD
    Have fun too

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    He forgot to mention key point. People use additional account's to bypass 1 account limitations such as labor regeneration or land claim. 2 extra accounts = 2x extra more labor points, and you can transfer assets you create with those labor points with alt accounts between them, preferably to main account. More labor points = more gold.

    So ye, its pretty good idea to drop extra 50$ to gain some potential advantage, if you are feeling like handling those extra accounts a bit.

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