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Thread: Need an artist to make me a crest, will pay 1k gold

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    Need an artist to make me a crest, will pay 1k gold

    If the quality is amazing, i will pay 2k gold!!!! I don't think it should take anyone too long to do. Otherwise you're not going to be getting paid enough for your time. Im looking for something like Alex Solis Art, for my friend. I am hoping to request a seal maybe scraping a lil upside-down hummus container dry with a lil dead fish ( X's for eyes, but still happy smile maybe ). And hummus around the seal's lips.

    I'd die if someone can make this happen. It's for my frand, and I'd love to be able to give him a crest like this. It needs to be 256x256. Please don't start until we've messaged here; I dont want 5 people working on it, and then not getting paid b/c i can't afford to do pay them all.


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    Did you try Deviantart?

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