The following changes were made based on the feedback from our community testing ArcheAge: Unchained on PTS.

ArchePass Changes:
  • The Shop Price of the ArchePass Upgrade Ticket was removed, so it can’t be sold.
  • Deleting characters no longer accidentally grants infinite rewards from ArchePasses.
  • The character level requirement for each ArchePass is level 30.
  • Labor Rechargers as rewards are moved to tier 56.
  • Tradable items from the Premium ArchePass such as Synthesis Costumes are bound.
  • Final changes to the daily missions for the ArchePass are still under discussion.
    For release, we lowered the required completion period to 22 days and increased the daily mission cap from 12 to 17. In the future, we may change the system to weekly missions.

Marketplace Changes:
  • Request Completion Tickets are removed from ArcheAge: Unchained.
    The legacy version of the game will be able to purchase them for Loyalty Tokens.
  • Family Name Change Tickets, Gender Swap Certificates, Salon Certificates, Decor Limit Increase, Crest Brainstorms, along with several housing decor items, dances, weapon skins and UCC items will be sold as bound version on the Credits Marketplace.
  • Any-Post Owls are removed from the Marketplace.
  • The Cheerberry Yata Costume and other popular costumes are added to the Credits Marketplace.

Other Gameplay Changes:
  • Poppies from the quest “Arra’s Ingredients” have been exchanged with Cacti.
    Cactus Seeds can be purchased from the Vocation Shop and mature in approx. 5h 43min.
  • The Ayanad Equipment Merchants are disabled for the release of ArcheAge: Unchained.
  • Temporary vehicles are removed to guarantee fair play at the beginning. To support this change, the following achievements were adjusted:
    • Any Fin is Possible
    • The Lusca Awakens
    • A Grim Realization
    • Chum Expert
    • Achieve Lv25

Known Bugs:
  • The Classic Service Uniform from the Equipment ArchePass grants stats. - This will be retroactively corrected.

You want to read the full Patch Notes? Follow this link