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    FAQ - ArcheAge: Unchained Launch - Updated Oct. 16

    Hello everyone,

    We have started a list of frequently asked questions surrounding launch this week, covering some of the major topics lately. Please understand that we are still working on a variety of high level issues that are not mentioned here as well. Also be sure to check out our general question ArcheAge: Unchained FAQ

    Why is there a character reservation lock in place on high population servers?
    Weíve monitored character creation carefully since the original founderís character reservation process on 12 October. Servers like EU-Alexander and NA-Wynn were selected as a destination by many players and their guilds. Unfortunately, one world server cannot accommodate a majority of the playerbase so restricting character creation is our primary avenue of population control. More players added to a server means higher queue times for everyone accessing it. Itís our responsibility to draw the line. The want to play on the highest population servers yet not wanting to encounter a queue is not something easily managed. Weíve opened additional servers to help alleviate the pressure but obviously some folks will remain persistent in attempt to join their established communities. Weíll continue to evaluate the character restrictions on a day-by-day basis.

    Whatís up with #dragonscalegate?
    Most of the main story lines in ArcheAge have quests that require the single completion of a shared objective. This includes tasks like sleeping in a bed, finding a dragonscale, or waiting for an NPC to spawn. While not perceived as ideal, this was a design decision made long ago and was not revised for the release of ArcheAge: Unchained. The dragonscale is disproportionate due to a much larger percent of East faction players rolling a Harani character.

    Why is there no grace period?
    The answer is related to the way we changed our Authentication/Login service. Historically, the authentication service had challenges like dropping full queues of players when under high load. It also had a 5-minute grace period that allowed players to login when they were disconnected from the queue. The authentication service was revised over the last year to be much more stable with queue management but unfortunately no longer included the grace period. This issue was identified on PTS and was pushed as a top priority for release. Itís very regretful that the feature was not ready in time for Unchained but itís still our top priority communicated to the XLGames team. Iím hopeful weíll see changes in an upcoming hotfix.

    Why canít I select Razer zGold as a payment option?
    Our platform and billing teams are currently looking into why Razer zGold is not appearing as a payment option on our website. Itís our intent to still support the payment provider and weíre troubleshooting the issue now.

    ~The ArcheAge Team

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    What about Character Transfers for ArcheAge: Unchained?
    The Character Transfer Service is currently not enabled for the Unchained or Legacy environments. Our immediate priority is to enable the Steam service and the same resources used to stand up the CTS for Unchained are required. Weíd absolutely like to offer the ability to transfer from a high population server to a lower population server that was released within the same availability window. However, the CTS as a service has been disabled across the board due to outstanding issues resulting from a technical migration even prior to the release of Unchained. Itís unlikely that the ability to transfer is enabled within a reasonable timeframe so please plan accordingly.

    What about the Ability to Claim Land on 19 Oct?
    We planned to allow the claiming of land on all ArcheAge: Unchained servers on 19 October 2019. We are currently evaluating the situation and would like you to weigh in on if you think the land lock should be delayed one week (must occur on a Saturday), or if it should proceed at the scheduled time. Itís our opinion that queues will be a factor regardless of when the land unlock occurs.

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    From thread: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...nd-on-Oct-19th
    Update on the Ability to Claim Land on Oct 19th

    Hello Chainbreakers,

    We have taken a lot of things into consideration, one of which being the importance of the originally announced time for the housing claim to be active. The feedback provided across multiple channels is something we take very seriously and we understand the desire for a delay. After reviewing these items, we have made the decision to take a staggered approach. The land claim process for the original three servers opened at launch will proceed as scheduled on October 19th,. The servers that were brought online post launch will have their land claim times shifted to fit with when they were brought online.

    The reason behind this decision comes from multiple points. Delaying for an additional week on those launch servers would increase the quantity and quality of housing placed, which makes it harder to place land for the population on each server. Additionally, we are still working on resolving the grace period. If that system were in place at this time, we would have more strongly considered postponing the land rush to have an optimal experience. Based upon this, and a review on the progression of the servers at this time, we are going to stick to the original announcement.

    Land Claim Times for ArcheAge: Unchained are as follows:

    Alexander, Halnak, and Belstrom - Saturday, October 19th at 10AM UTC.
    Tinnereph - Sunday, October 20th at 10AM UTC.
    Gildaron - Saturday, October 26th at 10AM UTC.

    Tyrenos, Wynn, and Denistrious - Saturday, October 19th at 10AM PDT.
    Kaylin - Sunday, October 20th at 10AM PDT
    Runert - Saturday, October 26th at 10AM PDT.

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