For years now, battle pets have been useless...their gear has been neglected for too long, stopping at Delphinad, while players continued into Ayanad, Erenor and Radiant Erenor. I had a full Mythic set for a battlepet while we were around 7-8k GS, but after 10k they simply became too we have players with 14-18k GS - they can sneeze and kill a battlepet. I like things that make the game more diverse, so I was happy when the 6.0 updated announced they would buff pet gear. Fiiiinally would we be able to use them again!

Then the patch can synthesize pet gear now, max grade being Celestial. I assumed although the grade was lower than what we used to have (Mythic) it would be a lot stronger in tier than Delphinad was. I took it up to Celestial and compared them....

Are we getting trolled here? -_-

The new gear is WEAKER than the old ones! Pet gear needed a massive increase in power for battlepets to be viable in PVP again and you make it weaker... The max grade atm is Celestial, but even if you could take them up to Eternal eventually, they'd just be on par with what we currently have.

Thank you for this improvement.