Ok, I HATE the server I'm on, it's way too crowded, unplayable, insufferable. I'm sure many people can relate. The fool I am, I leveled my chars over 30 before the full claustrophobia set it, and now I'm stuck. And in your latest statement, you have essentially said that you don't know when or even if character transfers will be enabled. You tell us to "plan accordingly".

Well guess what, I'm willing to plan and even act accordingly. I'm willing to start over. But I can't. If I delete my chars now, I will have to wait a whopping seven days before I get new ones. Unacceptable.

As long as you can't fix transfers, I urge you to remove the character deletion timer for people who want to switch servers. Or enable more than 2 chars per account, as long as they are on an new server. I don't care what or how, just gimme a chance to get off this hell.