Hello Chainbreakers,

We have taken a lot of things into consideration, one of which being the importance of the originally announced time for the housing claim to be active. The feedback provided across multiple channels is something we take very seriously and we understand the desire for a delay. After reviewing these items, we have made the decision to take a staggered approach. The land claim process for the original three servers opened at launch will proceed as scheduled on October 19th,. The servers that were brought online post launch will have their land claim times shifted to fit with when they were brought online.

The reason behind this decision comes from multiple points. Delaying for an additional week on those launch servers would increase the quantity and quality of housing placed, which makes it harder to place land for the population on each server. Additionally, we are still working on resolving the grace period. If that system were in place at this time, we would have more strongly considered postponing the land rush to have an optimal experience. Based upon this, and a review on the progression of the servers at this time, we are going to stick to the original announcement.

Land Claim Times for ArcheAge: Unchained are as follows:

Alexander, Halnak, and Belstrom - Saturday, October 19th at 10AM UTC.
Tinnereph - Sunday, October 20th at 10AM UTC.
Gildaron - Saturday, October 26th at 10AM UTC.

Tyrenos, Wynn, and Denistrious - Saturday, October 19th at 10AM PDT.
Kaylin - Sunday, October 20th at 10AM PDT
Runert - Saturday, October 26th at 10AM PDT.