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Thread: Good day!

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    Unhappy Good day!

    Good day! I would like to know when the PTS will be open? The fact is that I only play on it, and I do not have an active character on a live server. In addition, I have a property on the PTS server that will be lost soon ... Just tell me when it will be turned on. Thank you very much.

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    Thank you so much, dear Trionworlds administration! Thank you for your timely answers, for the prompt support of the players!

    Iím all this for what ... I have already written several times on the forum that you made it clear when you open PTS. But alas, you were deaf to my request. PTS has not been working for more than two weeks, and I, for your information, bought a premium account there, a subscription. Also on my PTS server there is real estate, houses that, if not renewed, will disappear! In the houses there are chests in which there are a lot of useful materials.
    Of course, I remember that you wrote when closing PTS that you would let me know when its servers will be restarted. But for more than two weeks nothing has been heard from you. One could also answer why such a delay is connected. In general, everything is clear to me. My premium account will end and I will have to buy it again. Well you came up with! Maybe I speak too harshly, but I just do not have any strength! I was waiting for you to open it, but apparently not fate ...


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    Let me thank you again for disabling PTS! You can call me whatever you want, but I do not want to measure the fact that you are doing so ugly.
    I bought a premium account, and after two days you turn off PTS, do you think this is normal? Soon I will have to buy it again, but the question is, why to lose it again?
    One could answer, give an answer when the PTS is turned on. I have written so many times on this issue to the forum, but you have never deigned to answer. Apparently, you think that people do not need to know when the server will open. Some people, like me, play ONLY on PTS and, after turning it off, are left with nothing. THEY PAY REAL MONEY ONLY FOR THE GAME ON IT, but thanks to you, they lost money, the premium that burned out while the PTS was turned off.

    You probably wonder why I canít just wait for it to open? The answer to the disgrace is simple! I have a server on my server, (real estate) and in the houses there are chests that are filled to capacity. Now give me an answer, after all my real estate is destroyed because it was not paid, where to go all that was in the chests? That's right - it will disappear! I have been collecting materials for more than a month, and weapons and I do not want them to disappear at all.

    Is it really so hard to write when the server will open? Just for the sake of people, in vain not to be nervous, and not to spoil the mood for you, with their angry comments on the forum. Just enrages, such indifference! You want, can block me! I do not care, but I no longer have the strength to endure it! I have said everything.

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    In general, your position is clear to me. There are no answers. No explanation. Not even an apology. Iím interested in this, when they closed PTS, could you write for how long you plan to close it? Could? Or is it too complicated for you? Or is it such a time-consuming job to write a couple of lines ... it just infuriates this attitude.

    Everything was all right ... and here in the game a message pops up saying that after 60 minutes the server will be closed. Well, then I thought that it was closed for maintenance work, and in a few hours they would open it. As I was mistaken ... for more than two weeks now the server remains closed, and there are no answers from administrators. In the message that you posted after the server was closed, you had to write, for example: "We close the server for a month, ask for our apologies for the inconvenience" - I think it would be much better in relation to the players.

    I also noticed that I am posting to the forum about PTS but none of the other players supported me. Apparently, all do not give a ♥♥♥♥ about it. Since no one bothered to simply support me with at least one message, so that he would at least be noticed! And do not say that no one even read my posts on the forum. Views are growing every day, but no answers. I already stopped hoping that one of the administrators would answer me, but I still hoped that I would get support from ordinary players, the same as myself. Together, we could, if not force them to turn on PTS, then at least rush them to the opening.

    I'm bored. I have nothing to occupy myself with. My legs donít go, and I have to sit at the computer all day waiting for the opening of the PTS, but every new day brings only disappointment. In recent days, I have to take more and more sedatives, which are far from always coping. I think the game has become more than just entertainment for me. Many of you would say, why donít you go play on regular servers? I will try to answer this question, although it will be difficult for you to understand.

    Since childhood, I have been confined to a wheelchair, which has become for me a guide to an open world in which there is no place for a disabled person. No, they didnít beat me, they didnít laugh at me, but ... according to their licentious looks, which are full of fake pity, and the reluctance to have nothing to do with me. Many of the people with whom I somehow had to deal with hid their true emotions behind a hypocritical smile. They said: "Max, everything will be fine, you will definitely get better!" - But behind my back, they expressed each other their opinions about the ugly me.
    Of course, I have friends ... friends who, I hope, still care about me. But to live in a world in which I do not want to be so treated. I locked myself in my room, and refused to leave the room for it. I studied at home, no matter what my education is, but I learned something.

    Before ArcheAge, I played other MMORPG games, such as: lineage 2, EVE, TERA. But only ArcheAge made me feel truly alive ... equal to others. So, I'm a little distracted ...
    In all the games that I played earlier, I used to communicate with other players, who in turn were quite friendly with me. And even after he told them about their inferiority, they continued to be friends with me. But people are very two-faced creatures ... with a double bottom. Today they are nice and friendly with you, and tomorrow everything can change dramatically, and those whom you considered your friends become enemies, ready to stick a knife in your back, just because you donít know that loot from a certain boss was common, and after the boss was killed, you must transfer everything that fell to the head of the raid, and he already at his discretion distributes it, according to the scheme he knows only.

    I never liked such hypocrisy ... I beat the boss on an equal footing with everyone, and I have the right to get at least something, but as always I get some rubbish. It's not even about the cost of the item given to me, it's just a shame that everyone else was given items much more valuable. Apparently, my disability played a decisive role here, what and when I will receive. Apparently, they thought that since I am disabled, then I do not need anything. Well, to hell with them! I had many such examples ... very many. If anyone is interested, write to me, I will tell you more similar stories.

    So back to ArcheAge. To be honest, I didnít start discovering her very opening ... I missed a lot because ... however - it doesnít matter. But when I decided to play it, I thought, should I start playing MMORPG again? After all, all my previous attempts were deplorable, and did not cause anything but diplomacy. But after reading the forums, I realized that there is a PTS server that you can play constantly, the main thing is to pay a subscription. Itís just recently opened a game on PTS for everyone, regardless of whether there is a subscription or not. In general, from that day I bought my first subscription and started playing. Literally everything pleased me, and gave me boundless happiness and peace. Yes, I played alone, only occasionally joined small raids. I also realized that I like to play alone. I like it when no one climbs me with their own rules and other nonsense.

    I apologize ... I in no case do not want to put pressure on pity, or something else ... I just needed to speak out. In general, you can forget everything that I wrote here. All the same, my words will not change anything. Thank you for understanding.

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    Cheese222 ... It isn't that the regular PTS players are not supporting you. We have been down this road of PTS being offline for weeks at a time. Some of us are active on live trying to earn the gold to trade for APEX x2 so we can have the credits to keep our Patron. We are also not confined to our rooms in self pity because the "world" does not like us. I was bullied in school growing up, but I still leave home and do stuff.

    Yes, Archeage is a great game when you actually take your time with it and not try to be the best in playable class, gear, rankings in a short period of time.

    I do recommend giving the Live servers a try, at least the EU servers. There are people who are more than willing to coach/mentor new players there. Archeage (not the Unchained one) is where I play. I talk to people on live who would love to leave home but physically can't, for some it is called old age combined with health. There are 2 more Forum posted started which are pleas to Gamigo (Trion technically doesn't exist anymore) to update us on when PTS will be back for we too have properties about to expire and chests full of stuff. FYI, the stuff in chests will be returned via the mail along with the chests. Some other decor items will also be returned as long as it was stated in the tool tip.

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    For many of us, PTS has become the only server. Ordinary servers simply do not exist for us. We spent money on crystals, subscription, just to play on the PTS. And do not tell you, I need to go to a regular server on which people reached 14-15k g.s, and we can never just catch them. And I don’t want to be cannon fodder, a toy for dressed people. On ordinary servers, as far as I know, there are practically no places for real estate, and real estate itself is quite expensive. This is not clear to me, PTS has been working for so many years, and last month, it was decided that it was so easy to close it. Without even bothering to explain why it was closed. I saw a lot of posts on the forum, people ask, are interested in our beloved PTS, but the administration pretends not to see our posts, does not see our pain, which we experience being separated from PTS. The administration could write at least something ... the reason, or at least explain why they closed the PTS server. But apparently, they do not care deeply about the players who for many years paid MONTHLY just to play. Play to live. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining ... just boiling up. For more than a month, the server has been closed, but there are no answers. There is not even a banal apology. Perhaps the closure of the PTS is due to its complete alteration, or something else, but decent people would give at least some kind of answer on this subject.

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